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No subscribers were found

BizTalkPosted by Morten Lehrmann 2013-11-15 11:32:40

Got this error:

xlang/s engine event log entry: An unrecoverable exception (see the 'inner exception' below) has occurred.
Service Name: ...Orchestrations....
Service Id: 7775e43e-2928-5821-8737-f631173baa4bInstance Id: 41996c13-9c48-4871-a3d9-9c69fc350faa
Exception occurred when persisting state to the database.
Exception type: PersistenceException
Source: Microsoft.XLANGs.BizTalk.Engine
Target Site: Void Commit()
The following is a stack trace that identifies the location where the exception occured
at Microsoft.BizTalk.XLANGs.BTXEngine.BTXXlangStore.Commit()
at Microsoft.BizTalk.XLANGs.BTXEngine.BTXXlangStore.ScheduleComplete(Boolean terminate)
at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.Service.Persist(Boolean dehydrate, Context ctx, Boolean idleRequired, Boolean finalPersist, Boolean bypassCommit, Boolean terminate)
at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.ServiceContext.OnCommit()
at ....Orchestrations.....segment0(StopConditions stopOn)
at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.SegmentScheduler.RunASegment(Segment s, StopConditions stopCond, Exception& exp)
Additional error information:
A batch item failed persistence Item-ID 9b93ec04-a050-45f5-8ddd-fd935dbd34f3 OperationType MAIO_CommitBatch Status -1061151998 ErrorInfo The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found. .
Exception type: PersistenceItemException
Additional error information:
Failed to publish (send) a message in the batch. This is usually because there is no one expecting to receive this message. The error was The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found. with status -1061151998.
Exception type: PublishMessageException

developing a fairly complicated integration involving several orchestrations with complicated filtering.

However, it turned out to be the filtering on the last Send Port which, as it happens, contained a space infront of one of the filter expressions.
Does not love BizTalk on handling and displaying these filters!'